Health Certificates & Microchips

Health Certificates

Our Veterinarians provide exams for health certificates for sale and for travel within the U.S and Internationally. We recommend that you look into the company you are using to fly to find out what their requirements are, and if traveling Internationally, we recommend you looking into that country’s specific requirements for your pet to be accepted in. Some countries are more specific than others, and it will be a good starting point for you to know what time frame they want everything to be done and what is required for your pet prior to entering their country.

Microchip Implanting

Thank goodness for microchips! The first thing we do if someone brings a found pet into us is scan him or her for a microchip. If one is present, we will call the company that it registers with. If they have your up-to-date information, they will contact you and let you know we have found your pet.  Everyone ends up happy.

We recommend microchipping every pet, even if you never plan on having him or her go outside. There are unforeseen circumstances that can happen sometimes, so it is best to be prepared. The good news is it is a one-time injection. Just keep your microchip company up-to-date on your contact information.

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