Diagnostic Procedures

In-house Lab work

With our state-of-the-art in-house lab machines, we are able to see what is going on with your pet at that very moment. We can check your pet’s liver and kidney functions on our chemistry machine, as well as their electrolyte levels. With our CBC machine, we can check their white blood cell count,red blood cell count, and platelet count. Our skilled technicians can also run a urinalysis to check for any white blood cells, red blood cells, bacteria or crystals.

Blood Pressure Monitoring

Usually recommended for senior pets.  We use an inflatable cuff on your pet’s leg or tail, and obtain several readings on our Doppler machine that will allow us to see if a they need to be on a blood pressure medication. The patients stress level will be taken into account and may not be valid if your pet is too nervous.


A cytology is when we take a sample from the area of concern, apply it to a slide, stain it, then look at it under the microscope.  Cytologies include: Ear, tape, skin scrape, and ear mite.  Once we look at the sample, our Veterinarians usually know what kind of infection is going on and what medication to recommend to treat it. One other cytology is an FNA (Fine Needle Aspirate), which allows our  Veterinarians to take a look at the cells that are in a mass and know if they should then recommend removing it.

Digital X-ray

Are helpful in diagnosing fractures, arthritis, foreign bodies, enlarged and/or smaller kidneys, enlarged heart, pneumonia, kidney and/or bladder stones, dislocated joints, and masses in the thoracic or abdominal cavity.

Digital Dental X-ray

Useful for evaluating tooth roots and surrounding bone, allowing us to see fractures, abscesses, growths, retained teeth, furcations, and Feline resorptive lesions. Once your pet is under anesthesia and we have taken their dental x-rays, our Veterinarians will have a clearer picture on what is going on your pet’s mouth and what will need to be done during their dental cleaning. Dental X-rays will also be taken after any teeth extractions to ensure that the tooth roots have been completely removed.

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